Best oversized wall clocks to buy 2020

Oversized Wall Clocks

Wall clocks are a very affordable way to increase the beauty of your home, office or business place. Many think of oversized wall clocks as boring but if proper time and attention are given in searching one, it really adds a great décor to your place. I have met many people who are fond of wall clocks and they can pay anything to get a beautifully elegant looking timepiece.

If you belong to the second category of human beings, and you think the wall clock really adds complement to your home, you are at the right spot. Because we are going to show you a list of top 3 oversized wall clocks that can be used anywhere without any big hiccup.

These oversized wall clocks have been chosen after hours of research. It took many hours to decide upon which products should be on the list.

We can hope you like this little help and find the best product that not only tells you time but compliment your ambiance and surrounding.


Top 3 best-oversized wall clocks to buy:

1) European Industrial Vintage Clock with Roman Numerals

If you love buying vintage products, this oversized wall clock may catch your eyeballs. The wall clock is not a vintage product but its manufacturing and style ooze with improved design.Large Wall Clock, European Industrial Vintage Clock

This oversized wall clock measures total 24-inches in diameter, so wherever you install it, this becomes a decorative focal point. This wall clock is going to add a vintage style to your home, an affordable way to décor your home with beautiful pieces.

The wall clock is designed and structured by SkyNature which is one of the esteemed names around the world in the wall clock market. It comes integrated with a quartz movement which is a yardstick for accurate time reading.

This wall clock more than telling time to possess a decorative, aesthetic, luxury and enduring value.

It boasts a lacquered dial in glossy finished which complement its ultra-thin brushed golden hands.

The wall clock would not disturb light sleeper with tik-tik movement, free of time-piece tik tick movement sound.

This impressive-looking SkyNature wall clock is made of high-quality iron and with its impressive and sleek design going to catch everyone’s attention.

The large roman numerals, golden color ultra-thin hands are going to give a unique addition to your home, office or any other place.


  • Sophisticated looking elegant design
  • Sturdy construction
  • Comes in hands at an affordable price range
  • Free of tik-tik disturbing sound
  • Ultra-thin golden hands add compliment to its glossy finish


  • Many buyers complained that it stops working without any reason

2) Studio Design Home Industrial Loft 30-inches wall clock

Studio design is another esteemed name in the world of large wall clock manufacturing. The brand did not show up well in the past due to their ugly looking wall clock. But the recent blow of events has turned up well in favor of the brand. Their recent and improved looking design is taking a big chunk of share from the market and going really impressive.Studio Design Home Industrial Loft 30-inches wall clock

Studio Design Home Industrial oversized wall clock is an incredible product forged from bronze.

Its aesthetic appeal is going to captivate the clock lovers and due to enhanced 30 x 30 x 2 inches size, it would be convenient in reading the time.

Sometime due to the enhanced beauty of a wall clock, we forget that they are designed to tell the time. This wall clock is one of them, it surely going to add a fantastic decorative piece to your home.

The body of the dramatic and bold wall clock is forged from high-quality iron. The raised numerals and artfully designed hands add style and unique addition to your home. The accurate quartz movement will ensure you tell the right time and without any tik-tik noise.


  • Raised floating numerals are easy to read
  • Accurate quartz movement tells reasonably time
  • Sleek oversized stylish looking hands
  • Comes in three different colors and shapes


  • No sturdy construction breaks off easily

3) Black & Wood Wall Clock

If you are scouring the internet in search of a vintage wood clock, your search ends with Black & Wood Wall Clock. This is a simple, elegant look vintage wood and a black extra-large wall clock that prints beautiful rich tones.Black & Wood Wall Clock

The center of the watch displays a rich wood and it comes in arrays of sized and colors to choose from.

This extra-large clock displays an aesthetic look and adds a piece of art hanged on your wall. The stylish design, sleek workmanship, quality construction, and brand support makes this product stands out from the rest of the crowd.

The clock runs quietly, would not disrupt your good night sleeping with ticking sound. It comes in hands at an affordable price range; you enhance your house beauty without spending arms and legs.

The extra-large wall clock is highly recommended to be installed in an office, room, living room and other business and personal spaces.

This clock is printed on a Solid MDF food piece, would not fade its color through time.

The ink of the numerals is retain its bright, crisp color and stays for a long time. The clock is backed by lifetime limited warranty; they do not replace the entire product but the mechanism.


  • It comes in arrays of size option
  • MDF food forged
  • The stylish design really enhances your space beauty
  • Quality construction, long last for years
  • No ticking sound
  • The wall is flat against the wall and would not wobble
  • The face of the watch is not a sticker, genuine MDF wood


  • Some buyers mentioned that the clock does not keep the right time


We have reviewed our best-oversized wall clocks. Maybe products of other brands come in hand at a lower price than these, but these are the best pick and top-rated as well. Considering the sizes of oversize wall clocks and features they come integrated with, they are reasonable priced. Their designed meet the latest trends and adds a great decor to your space. Indirectly, you are decorating your home, office or business place without spending arms and legs.

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