Handcrafted Wood Cuckoo Clock review

Kendal Vivid Large Deer Handcrafted Wood Cuckoo Clock review

With the advancement of technology, we have forgotten the wall clocks that used to inhabit our kitchen, living rooms, and other places. The reason might be behind their disappearance is they do not fit-in in our modern lifestyle. The over flooding of smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches have swiftly replaced them. This sudden transition though shocks the clock lovers and those who find them a necessary decor item.Kendal Vivid Large Deer Handcrafted Wood Cuckoo Clock

But, in the last few years, the trend is actually coming back into fashion. Now, people have taken them more as a decoration item and less as a timepiece. No one needs a wall-clock to tell the time, everyone owns a smartphone or smartwatches, which are used to track their health regime as well as manage their time.

Using a wall clock is a good way to add some color, compliment your decor and bring a fanciful touch to your room.

Wall clocks come in different designs, colors, and purposes. Nowadays we have seen the blend of modern technology and classic design to add a great style of decor. Large wall clocks are different depending upon the requirement and design. Large wall clocks hanging on a big room wall like a living room, or office room look great. Smaller wall clocks, on the other hand, fill the bills at the kitchen and other smaller rooms. Dining rooms can have small to medium wall clocks.

But, if you are fed up using and decorating your home, kitchen or other places using traditional wall clocks and hunting for something different, unique, your interest could be our today’s reviewed hand-made deer-crafted cuckoo wall. This product is really an amazing thing and add decor to your beautiful place.

Construction and design:

Decorating your home with this hand-made deer crafted cuckoo wall clock gives you an illusion that your life is more interesting than it really is. This uniquely constructed deer-crafted wall clocks grabs the eyeballs of your visitors and envy your relatives. The product comes in hands at a cheaper price range and it transitions the mood and looks of your place. The wall clocks fill the bills for someone who loves antiques. It can be used in your living room, office, bedroom, and other places. Do not fear the noise, the wall clocks would not create any noise as they do not tell the time by ticking.

The Kendal wall clock features a classic look and comes in hand-crafted details with delicious tone and superior timekeeping capabilities. The hand-crafted wall is made of solid wood and provides the right classic touch to your already beautiful home.

The solid-wood made wall clock showcases a forest deer style and hand-carved decorations. For animal lovers as well, the clock would be a point of attention, it easily grabs their eyeballs and stuns them with its impressive and hand-carved meticulous detailing. The wall clock displays two vivid deer, one on the top of the clock and the other on the bottom. Below the deer, there is a birdhouse, and there is one proscenium that rotates and offers different performance after every four hours. From the bird’s house, the birds came out and sing different songs such as 3 blind mice, old nursery rhymes, London Bridge, and 10 little Indians. The tunes are pretty neat, and the best thing is it does not repeat the same song every hour.

Every hour the cuckoo came out and sings a song just like being in the forest. You can not only hear the cuckoo songs but the gurgle of the creek and the echo of the cuckoo in the valley.

After every hour when cuckoo came out and sing different rhymes, the angle on the bottom box also dance on the same time and follow different dance steps, you would love to behold them dancing and practicing different dancing steps.

Other features:

The wall clock shares 26 x 19.3 x 8.3 inches dimensions and 9.39 pounds of weight. The weight is little on the bulky side but once it hangs on the wall, you have nothing to worry about.

On the back of the beautiful wall clock, it comes to a volume controller. You can control the volume as per your desire. On the back, there is setting time controller, music on the button, volume button and music off and off buttons. The best thing about the cuckoo wall clock is that it comes integrated with the light sensors. The sensors detect when the night falls or dark in the room and silent all the songs and rhymes thing not to disturb the household with its songs. The cuckoo call and music automatically silence in the dark and help you have a quiet atmosphere in the night.

The entire wall is made of wood, not plastic, except the cuckoo. The dial is white, not golden as displayed in the picture. The clock looks beautiful; the finish of the wood is great, not too glossy, not too classic, with rich brown chocolate shade. The numbers on the clock are roman; the hour-hand, minute-hand, and second hand are made of solid wood and keep the right time would not leave behind the time. The cuckoo sound looks natural, but the music is little on the dull side and some might not like the music. But, the added benefit of having this, you can silent the music without stopping the cuckoo coming out and dancing angels.

The wall is lightweight and you would love to install and set it up anywhere.


The wall clock is made of solid wood, so investing in something hand-carved and wood construction is worth your money. The wall-clock looks great, and really adds a great decor to your home. It can be installed anywhere, to your kitchen, living room, bedroom or office to enhance the beauty of the room. The best thing is deer on the top and bottom, along with the cuckoo that comes our every hour and sings the song. The inclusion of light-sensor is the icing on the cake, you can set the light sensor as per your choice and make all songs and audios silent with just one touch.

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