Telling Time Teaching Clock – Ideal for Kids Room

  • KIDS will learn the time with our specially designed analog kids wall clock that lets them see what the time  is by usingTelling Time Teaching Clock numbers that are colored.
    Each quarter is broken down into a specific color, making it a lot easier for your kids to remember and understand where each minute is.
  •  Telling time on our Telling Time Teaching Clock is fun and easy and also teaching your children is a breeze thanks to helpful references like “o’clock,” “quarter past,” “half past,” and “quarter to.”


  •  on this educational clock. So your kids are able to learn time efficiently we have made the design  easy to understand, each quarter has been given a different color that makes it very easy for your child or toddler to quickly understand the numbers and where they are.
  •  Each hand is labeled so as to avoid any possible confusion, all the minutes are named on the clock, this means your child will  be able to see the exact time.


  • We have designed this clock in a way that will help when you are teaching your own child how to read time. Some kids were unable to learn the time when using other clocks for kids, so we knew we should make one that was simpler but still be educational.
  •  Our own children were able to learn how to tell the time thanks to this design, and we thought we would  share it with other parents whose kids were trying to learn time.


The power source is AA batteries which are easy to find in dairies and supermarkets, so it’s easy to keep this
Telling Time Teaching Clock in working order.

This children’s clock is also very easy to clean, it has a safe clear acrylic face which ables you to very quickly and efficiently remove any dust. Manufactured from quality non-toxic plastic, with paint that is lead free.

This lightweight clock is able to be mounted anywhere, from a classroom’s wall to just above a kid’s nightstand in their room.


This clock is the an ideal gift for anyone that works with young children, or can be a gift for your own child.

The color coded clock will keep them engaged and will make the process of learning easier for your kids. The non ticking movement makes it a ideal for a bedroom, preschool or elementary school room.

When installed on the classroom wall our analog clock is guaranteed to make it a lot easier for all the kids to understand time.

Brian Parish

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  1. Wow. Great idea for a clock to help kids learn to tell time. I think kids depend too much on digital clocks these days. It’s good to see a product that teaches them to tell time the old-fashioned way.

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