Unusual Wall Clocks – Everything You Have To Know

Wall Clocks, the indispensable necessity of every household. Even with the advent of cell phones, computers, and watches, what continues to hold its place are the WALL CLOCKS. Where do your eyes swipe when you are waiting for someone for so long? Yes, to the ticking wall clock. So, apart from keeping track of time, these wall clocks are an integral and imperative part of interior design; the furniture would never be complete without a clock on your wall!

With the passage of time, more aesthetic designs show up, and on entering a new house, it’s less common to see standard clocks than unusual clocks. unusual wall clock  

It does not mean, in any possible way, that standard clocks have met their time: they will forever represent a great piece of design, especially in places where antique entities are valued! In other words, standard clocks, in any way or form, are timeless.

But when it comes to modern design, unusual wall clocks are the real deal.


Let’s think about it in other terms: have you ever seen Pisces dancing around a circled piece of stone with two clock hands on it?

What about birds, flying up a little silver box that tickles, mark the passing of time? Or butterflies, detaching from a colored ball to fly up to your ceiling?

Did you ever think about having a beautiful daisy hung on your wall, with little, yellow corolla showing you the time?

If you have no idea what I am talking about, then let me make things clear: these are just a few examples of what having an unusual wall clock in your house means.

The unusual styles can go from these most creative and imaginative styles to the simple yet modern ones. In the most general terms, a design that you have never seen before and who’s first look awestruck your eyes could be regarded in the category of ‘Unusual.’

If you are either looking for a new home to decorate from scratch or to change your house’s style a little, then thinking about buying an unusual clock is probably going to be the best decision you will ever make.


Unusual wall clocks add something to your house that most standard clocks don’t: no matter how beautiful and classic the latter can be, unique clocks are just visually better, funnier, and add that spark of light and happiness everybody needs.

Just imagine, for a second: you come inside your home, look around and see this beautiful 3D motioned piece of clock hung on your wall… isn’t it just amazing? Don’t you feel better already, only by looking at it? Isn’t it almost, even hard to stop looking at it?

It doesn’t even matter if you decide to stick to a simpler one, rather than a more creative, colorful, shaped strangely and hypnotically one: as long as it is the most unusual clock you could ever think of having in your house, then I can assure you, that clock is going to have everybody mesmerized!

And if you think about it, it doesn’t even have to be just a way for other people to think your house is up to date and styled right: don’t purchase an unusual wall clock for others, do it for yourself. Isn’t it just more beautiful to look at the time passing with a lovely, beautiful view?

Wouldn’t those ware coloured butterflies flying one under the other on your wall make you gleeful? And what about flowers, wouldn’t you feel happier by looking at them?

If the answer is yes, then Hey! You need for these so-called ‘Unusual Wall Clocks.’ Just as a matter of opinion, it’s worth purchasing.


And if you are not entirely sure or exactly capable of choosing an unusual wall clock on your own – so you have no idea where to look at and what to look at – then let me give you some advice in choosing from the hundred different and most astonishing unusual wall clocks.

      • Animal styled unusual wall clocks: usually chosen by animal lovers or people that connect animals to symbolism; animal styled unique wall clocks are probably, the most stylish ones. With so many ways of creating something visually stunning, amazingly coloured and yet – sometimes – classical and capable of giving that particular sense of composure to your house and design, getting a Pisces swimming around a watered circle clock, or a ladybug sitting carelessly or flying upon your wall clock, will forever be a good idea!

    • Floral designed unusual wall clocks: what about flower love? You could be in love with roses, sunflowers, orchids, lilies, geraniums, daisies; you could love those flowers in red, yellow, pink, violet, white, blue, azure, teal, black, and other colors that exist in nature to be adored. Whatever you want, you can find it. Whatever you choose, it will look amazing on your wall. And flower clocks? They are the most magical, happiness-radiating, peaceful piece of furniture you could ever have in your house!

  • Recycled parts unusual wall clocks: and if you love the unexpected, the strange, fresh, unpredictable, and exciting type of furniture, then don’t lose heart, as there is a solution for you as well! From unusual clocks coming from recycled bike cranks to pans with fried eggs and clock hands in the middle, or clocks made with old plates and spoons as time-markers; or more, melting wax clocks to put on your shelves, there is nothing that you can’t find to fill your house with recycled pieces of furniture.

And the best way to start is by getting a clock!

Brian Parish

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